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Applied Principles and Techniques of DFF & TFF Filtration for BioPharm Downstream Purification: Lecture and Workshop Series

2015 LECTURE WORKSHOP – Wednesday – Friday
Spring Thursday, April 30 There is no workshop offered in Spring
Fall Tuesday, October 27 October 28 – 30

Learn the critical principles and the current optimum applied techniques for depth filtration (DFF) and tangential flow filtration (TFF) technologies used today in biopharm downstream purification from one of the leading hands-on application authorities in the industry.

This comprehensive professional development and advancement filtration lecture and workshop are offered as follows to accommodate your immediate needs.

  • 1-day lecture Only
  • 1-day lecture + 3-day workshop (Full session)
  • 3-day workshop only (if Lecture was attended previously)


Lecture is designed for individuals (engineers, scientists, managers, technical personnel and researchers) who require an in-depth review of the principles and their application to processes in the areas of Process Development, Manufacturing and Quality Assurance/ Validation. Experience: Individuals with novice to advanced experience will benefit from this lecture.


The lecture and workshop are presented and conducted by John Rozembersky (see bio). With hands-on bioharma downstream filtration experience and in-depth knowledge of membrane technology & systems that span over 30 years with Millipore, Filtron, Pall and WaterSep, John is internationally recognized as the leading authority in TFF in the biopharmaceutical sector. This includes bench-top development to large scale manufacturing for both flat sheet (cassette) and hollow fiber processes.


A comprehensive One-Day Lecture on the applied principles and techniques used for depth filtration (DFF) and tangential flow filtration (TFF) applications. Course is designed to help individuals gain a solid understanding of the parameters and factors that affect membrane performance and product recovery for biopharmaceutical applications for both cell clarification and UF/DF. Depth filtration (DFF) lecture will cover both polymeric membrane and matrix media filters, and tangential flow filtration (TFF) will cover both flat sheet cassette and hollow fiber element technologies. The lecture presents key topics that will help define and identify current issues related to performance, scale up, optimization, cleaning (CIP) and methods development. Case Studies are presented and discussed.

Lecture attendance limited to 35. Cost: $695.


In this Three-Day “Hands-On” Laboratory Workshop, the principles presented in the lecture will be applied to actual application investigations. Groups of 2 to 3 will perform actual designed matrix performance studies to determine and evaluate different operating conditions and membrane types using state-of-art bench top DFF and TFF systems.

Optimization techniques, modes of operation, defined objective targets, data collection, scaleup requirements and summary reports will be carried out on the following applications:

  • Day 1 – Cell Clarification by Depth Flow Filtration (DFF)
  • Day 2 – Cell Clarification by Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF)
  • Day 3 – Protein Concentration & Diafiltration (UF/DF)

Each person will receive a final comprehensive PowerPoint report summary that presents the results and analysis of all the application trials performed by each group. Each person will receive the special designed Excel spreadsheet used to gather and summary the data and develop the graphs for each application.


You will learn

  • the latest productive applied techniques using the appropriate procedures that will lead to successful results
  • how to perform an optimization and use the appropriate mode of operation for DFF and TFF
  • how to summarize, interpret and apply the data produced using special developed spreadsheets
  • how to use the data developed as a diagnostic characterization tool to aid trouble-shooting
  • how to apply and calculate scale-up objectives

Workshop attendance limited to 12 – 16. Prereq: One-day Lecture. If you took the lecture at a previous time, you can just register for the workshop. Cost: $1995 includes Excel TFF spreadsheet.

Reservations are mandatory to assure placement.


For questions: contact John Rozembersky at

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