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Homeland Security and Terrorism Studies

NEW!!! We have revamped our program so that now you can

To earn CEUs: Each class topic listed below is divided into modules of information. Choose any module, under any class topic and earn 1 CEU for each module completed.

To earn a Certificate: Under each of the ten class topics listed below, you will need to complete any six modules of information. Click on the class topics to read what each module within the class topic will focus on. If participants can provide prior earned CEUs and/or certificates of completion for topics that align with any of our modules, then we will evaluate it for credit towards the completion of the Homeland Security and Terrorism Studies certificate.

All of our MODULES are ONLINE!

  • We offer a total of 23 modules of information.
  • We provide a global perspective to support to immediate, real-world applications.
  • Each completed module earns 1 CEU.
  • Complete six modules to earn a certificate.
  • Learning is self-paced.
  • We provide a global perspective to support to immediate, real-world applications.
  • Interact with an expert instructor.
  • Apply for a second certificate from our partners the National Domestic Preparedness Coalition.


Registration Costs:
Registration for each module: $99

This program is a Special Programs offering. It is NOT eligible for Federal Financial Aid or VA Benefits.



  1. Homeland Security/Defense: Overview (2 modules)
  2. Homeland Defense: Law Enforcement & Intelligence Processes (2 modules)
  3. Homeland Defense: Interagency Processes (2 modules)
  4. Homeland Defense: Strategic Communication (3 modules)
  5. Global Security: Asymmetric Threats (2 modules)
  6. Global Security: Comparative Assessment I (2 modules)
  7. Global Security: Comparative Assessment II (2 modules)
  8. Terror Organizations: Introduction (2 modules) *New supplement ISIS: The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria
  9. Terror Organizations: Politics & Military (2 modules)
  10. Terror Attacks: Psychological Effects & Management of Fear (3 modules)

For more information, please contact: Christine P. Dolan, 401-277-5388 or Christine@uri.edu



PARTNERSHIP CERTIFICATE: In partnership with the National Domestic Preparedness Coalition http://www.ndpci.us/URI students who complete a URI Homeland Security and Terrorism Studies Certificate can apply for one of two nationally recognized certificates offered by NDPC.

  • Certified Homeland Protection Professional (CHPP) certificate for participants with first responder experience, or
  • Certified Homeland Protection Associate (CHPA) certificate for participants with no first responder experience.

To receive either certificate you will need to apply to this organization and submit a copy of the URI program certificate. The applicant is responsible for the certification fee at the discounted member cost rate. The discounted CHPP application fee is $495 and the discounted CHPA application fee is $195. Email: General Questions: info@ndpci.us or Phone: 1.401.294.2300

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