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BIS 100 / URI 101B

providence05Seminar for Returning Students (BIS 100) (3 credits)
Traditions and Transformation (URI 101B) (1 credit)

Adult students come to college with very little belief in their ability to succeed in the college classroom.  These required entry courses introduce returning students to the college’s academic environment and to the skills necessary to be successful in school.  The courses help students identify their scholastic strengths and interests, and they assist adults in building the self-confidence to pursue a degree plan.  These courses are limited to 16 students and open the door to the university by helping returning students adjust to academic life.  The instructors are carefully chosen and all are committed to helping adult students succeed.

The BIS faculty has developed course outcomes for the Pro-Seminar and the Traditions and Transformation courses.  By the end of the courses, students are expected to demonstrate, in their in-class and online comments and questions, their papers, and their class presentations:

  • Knowledge of content presented in class;
  • Use of effective writing skills
  • Development of information and technology-based skills
  • Development in the role of a college student

Catalog Description:  BIS 100 Pro-Seminar (3 credits)

Introduction to critical approaches to learning with emphasis on reading and rhetorical skills appropriate to college students.  Must be taken concurrently with URI 101B. S/U. (ECw)

Catalog Description:  URI 101B Traditions and Transformation (1 credit)

Introduces first-year students to the traditions of higher education and academic culture and to significant societal and personal issues that bear on developing goals for the undergraduate years.  Required of all new freshmen and new transfer students with fewer than 24 credits.

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