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Overview of BIS Degree


The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) program is designed for adults who have been out of school for five or more years.  It is a good choice both for people who have never been to college and for students who attended college in the past but did not complete a degree.  For the latter, the BIS program makes it possible to apply previous educational experience toward a degree program.  There are several ways to meet the admissions requirements for the program; therefore, the admissions process should begin with an interview with a BIS advisor in the Admissions and Advising Office at ASFCCE.

The BIS program consists of the following required sections:

BIS 100 Pro-Seminar
3 credits
URI 101B Traditions and Transformations
1 credit
General Education Program
39 credits
     English Communication 6 credits
     Fine Arts and Literature 6 credits
     Foreign Language/Cross Cultural Competence 6 credits
     Mathematical & Quantitative Reasoning 3 credits
     Social Sciences (BIS 390 is used here) 6 credits
     Natural Sciences (BIS 391 is used here) 6 credits
     Letters (BIS 392 is used here) 6 credits
BIS Major (choose one of the following) 45 – 48 credits
     Applied Communications
     Business Institutions
     Health Services Administration
     Human Studies
24 – 27 credits
Senior Project (BIS 399)
3 credits
118 credits
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