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Biotechnology Manufacturing Option (BS in Medical Laboratory Science)


Edward Bozzi, PhD
Associate Clinical Professor/Administrator
Biotechnology Manufacturing Program      
401-277-5212; ebozzi@mail.uri.edu

Dr. Christopher Pargellis, PhD
Associate Clinical Professor
Biotechnology Manufacturing Program
401-277-5109; cpargellis@uri.edu

This innovative program was developed to prepare biomanufacturing professionals for the rapidly growing biopharmaceutical industry in the region. The program is structured in a 1+3 format. During the first year, which is a full-time day program, students receive intensive training in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, human physiology, biotechnology, biomanufacturing, and professional topics. This is followed by a full-time internship at a life sciences company. Upon completion, the student is eligible for employment and can complete the degree on a part-time basis  Graduates are well prepared for employment in other life sciences specialties such as research and development, clinical affairs, process development, and quality assurance/control.

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