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College of Continuing Education

B.A. in History

Catherine DeCesare, Ph.D.
History Department
Program Coordinator for the Providence Campus

Welcome to the URI Providence Campus History Program!

In our History Program, you will find an exciting and stimulating array of courses that will enable you to learn about the past in order to better understand our world today.  Many of our courses meet the University’s General Education requirements by developing skills in understanding human difference, reading complex texts and writing effectively.  Our History courses will also provide you with opportunities to learn about historical interpretation, analyze historical sources, view and discuss historical films, research topics and historical figures of your own choosing, engage in discussion and debate important historical topics, meet and interact with a Holocaust survivor, and prepare presentations and lead class discussions.

As a history major, you will also participate in a year-long capstone course in which you will focus on a specific topic, read major historical interpretations in that field and research and write an original work on a topic of your choice.  Each year two capstone courses are offered in Providence, one in European history and one in United States History.

A major in History can prepare you for a wide range of careers or graduate study in any number of fields, including teaching, law and business.  You may indeed want to become an historian, but even if you don’t your studies will prepare you for the global marketplace by developing your research and writing skills, teaching you how to organize and analyze pieces of evidence, enabling you to see the play of causes and interactions in events and honing your critical thinking skills.  Our History graduates have applied their education in a variety of occupations, including: teaching, museum work, librarianship and law.

For further information about the major, opportunities for History majors at the URI Feinstein Providence Campus, contact Catherine DeCesare, History Coordinator, at cdecesare@mail.uri.edu or 401-277-5240.

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