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“I chose to study history because I believe that in order to provide ourselves with a better future, we need to understand where we have been in the past. During my time at URI, I learned to think critically about historical issues and to examine thoroughly their causes, components, and actors. I learned that history isn’t always what we think we know – often, the events that have shaped our world are much more complex than they appear. I came to accept that historical figures are much more than just their deeds; as a history student, I learned to investigate not only what they did, but why they did it. Studying history at URI allowed me to explore these complexities and to question accepted historical perceptions. The faculty in the history program at the CCE reveals our history to be not a series of static events that happened in the past, but a rich tapestry of complex, interwoven experiences that are still ripe for exploration despite their age. As a history student, you will learn to consider different viewpoints, think critically about both the causation and impact of historical events, and most importantly, to be passionate about the study of our collective past. Personally, I have found my study of history at URI to be a critical component of the education that has prepared me for a life of public service. Because of the excellent teaching of the professors, the lively discourse of my fellow students, and the guidance of the program advisor, I have developed skills that have been critical in both my graduate studies and my career. Participation in the history program at the CCE is an extremely rewarding experience, and I am proud to count myself as an alum.”
Johnathan Berard
History Major, Class of 2012


“I returned to college in 2007 and took my first history class that spring semester: Women in the US 1890 – Present. It had been many years since I had last been a student in a college classroom and Dr. DeCesare made it an exciting re-entry. In that class – I first thought of becoming a double major in History and Women’s Studies. As I continued my studies, I found the history courses taught on this campus to be absorbing, relevant to current social and political issues and intellectually stimulating without being intimidating. All of my classes led me to diverse and revealing readings. They offered different viewpoints and encouraged discussions. I felt fortunate to have so many interested and interesting professors who taught their courses in a way that showed history to be a living, breathing subject. I think my proudest achievement was to have my capstone paper read by the family of the woman I researched. They were excited to learn about their grandmother’s contributions to the city of Newport during the Progressive era. They learned things they never knew she had done. For that family, it made history come alive; and for me, it was a culmination of teachings from all my classes.”
Gail Harvey
History and Women’s Studies Major, Senior, 2012


“I enjoy studying history because it affords me the opportunity to learn the dynamics behind why people made the choices they made that affected their country, city or populace. By studying history, we can understand the reasoning behind these decisions and learn from their mistakes or
achievements. I love studying history at URI’s Providence Campus because the history staff is so dedicated and passionate about the subjects that they are teaching that it makes learning about them a pleasant experience for me.”
Marie Dickson
History Major, Senior, 2007


“The reason why I enjoyed studying history is because it taught me how to look at past events critically, and gave me greater insight into human nature. My history degree not only gives me a chance to get a better job, it makes me a better person by giving me a greater understanding of how the world developed into what it is today. The history program at URI gave me the opportunity to participate in lively discourse and to develop the critical abilities that are necessary to understand today’s world.”
David Doveburd
History Major, Class of 2006


“My history classes at the University of Rhode Island Providence Campus have been great in content and teaching!  I’ve always loved history because it’s the story of world events, people and cultures, social and political movements, heroes and heroines and it provides a background for understanding present day issues.  The course that will stay with me forever was [Dr. Alison Rose’s,] THE HOLOCAUST!  (My token knowledge of the Holocaust was Anne Frank’s Diary.)  The course gave an in depth history of Europe’s political climate at the time of Hitler’s rise to power.  It sequentially brought the student through Hitler’s charismatic manipulation of the minds of the Germans, his vision of a “pure” Aryan race, and his strategy to eliminate Jews and society’s “misfits.”  The ancillary paperback readings were excellent and gave a human face to the millions who died in the extermination camps.”
Teresa Mahony
History Major, Senior, 2007


“I graduated in 2005 with a B.A. in English from URI. I am an older student, returning to school after a career in freelance writing, printing and publishing. I chose to minor in history, taking a number of history courses at CCE. These included the devastating course on The Holocaust taught by Prof. Rose, her course on 19th Century European History, two courses on Latin American History, and one on Roman history. The lectures, readings, and research paper projects for these courses enriched my background knowledge for the literature courses I was taking concurrently. I was often able to cite sources used for these history courses in my literature courses. As a graduate student, I continue to benefit from the history enrichment I acquired at CCE. Indeed, a close reading of the literature of the past is impossible without a grounding in history. I remain impressed with the high level of teaching and the high standards of research I encountered in URI’s undergraduate history courses.”
Brett Rutherford
History Minor, Class of 2005

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