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M.S in Labor Relations and Human Resources

schollRichard W. Scholl, Ph.D.
Director, Charles T. Schmidt, Jr.
Labor Research Center

Welcome to the URI Providence Campus Graduate Study in Labor Relations and Human Resources

The Schmidt Labor Research Center is a tripartite, independent, multidisciplinary unit devoted to the study and teaching of all aspects of work and employment, including the practice of labor relations and human resources.

The Master’s Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources is a multidisciplinary graduate program which prepares students for careers in labor relations and human resources.  Our graduates work in labor unions, business firms, educational organizations, government agencies and non-profit enterprises.

The program consists of 13 courses (39 credits).  There are 9 courses required of all students and four elective courses, which are used to develop a specialization in either labor relations or human resources.  Students may develop a specialization in other related areas with the permission of the center’s director.  There are two required courses of special note.  Labor Relations and Human Resources (LRS 500) provides an overview of these fields and should be taken early in the student’s program.  During the final semester, students are given a written comprehensive exam covering the content from required (core) courses. The capstone course, Professional Seminar in Labor Relations and Human Resources (LRS 580) should be taken in the final semester of matriculation. Through this seminar, students develop their research and integrative skills by writing a major research paper on a topic of their choice.

Dual MS/JD Degree Program
A cooperative dual degree program offered at the University of Rhode Island and Roger Williams University School of Law permits dual enrollment leading to an M. S. in Labor Relations and Human Resources and a J. D.  The integrated program of the two degrees allows a student to complete both programs in four years instead of the five required if both degrees are pursued separately.

Graduate Professional Certificates
We offer two Graduate certificates: Labor Relations and Human Resources. These certificate programs consist of a series of four graduate-level courses chosen to meet the needs of the student-professional. They can be taken independently or in conjunction with another master’s degree program such a nursing, MPA or MBA.

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