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Equipment Screening Form – This form is now required for all purchases or lease purchases using Federal Funds with a cost of $5,000 or more.

* Please note that the only Equipment Screening Form that should be used should have a revised date of 9/2/2015in the lower right corner. Please destroy all previous versions of this form.

Work Order Forms:

* Freon Removal – Disposal of items containing freon also require an LVPO be processed with Facilities Services (4-4060) in the amount of $35/item for freon removal.

* Hazardous Materials – Disposal of scientific equipment containing hazardous materials must also be cleared by Public Safety/Environmental Health and Safety (4-7993).

  1. Work Order for Disposals / Reutilization of Equipment
  2. Work Order for Tables / Chairs / Podiums
  3. Work Order for Moves / Shredding / Tape / Boxes

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