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Theodora A. Zubrinski Memorial PTAA Award

Theodora A. Zubrinski Memorial PTAA Award
Memorandum of Understanding

Section 1: Naming
Theodora A. Zubrinski Memorial PTAA Award

Section 2: Purpose
The purpose of the Theodora A. Zubrinski Memorial PTAA Award program is to provide annual scholarship funding for dependent(s) of  PTAA members enrolled as full time student(s) in a degree program of Higher Education Institutions in the USA..

Section 3: Funding 
75% of annual accrued interest should be awarded, and 25% of the annual accrued interest should be rolled back into the principle, with the intention that it keep up with inflation and promote growth of the fund.

Section 4: Inadequate or Excess Funding
If the award amount as per Section 3 is less than the awardable amount or its multiple, no award is to be rendered and all annually accrued interest for that year must be rolled back in to the principle.

Section 5: Contributions
Any alumnus, friend, corporation, foundation, trust, estate, or other entity may make additional contributions to the Theodora A. Zubrinksi Memorial PTAA Award.

Section 6 : Award Amount
The total award amount is to be divided into equal increments. Any remainder is to be rolled back into the principle. The initial award amount is $ 250.00 per award.

Section 7: Determination of Award Recipients by Lottery
Only PTAA members in good standing may participate in the lottery. For every dependent of a PTAA member a separate lottery slip has to be entered. Lottery slips have to be submitted on time to participate in the yearly drawing. A lottery slip is a small piece of paper or an e-mail to containing the member’s, the dependent’s and the institution’s name.

Section 8: Distributions
Award(s) are to be distributed by random lottery from all qualified applicants at a PTAA General Membership Meeting or a replacement event as published . No applicant can receive more than 1 (one) award per dependent per annual drawing. Successful PTAA members are required to complete all necessary forms on time otherwise the award will be rolled back into the principle.

Section 9: Amendments
Any terms and conditions of this Memorandum of Understanding may be modified or deleted or new provisions added by mutual consent of the University, and the PTAA Executive Board. Any such modification(s) are to be signed by the President and the Treasurer of the PTAA Union.

Section 10: Changed Circumstances
If any or all part of the distribution of the Fund at some time in the future cannot be applied usefully to the above purpose, it should be rolled back into the principle.

Section 11: Endowment Reporting and Stewardship
Correspondence regarding the Endowment annual performance and use of income will be mailed to:

President, PTAA, Local 2877
P.O. Box 276
Kingston, RI 02881
Treasurer,PTAA, Local 2877
P.O. Box 276;
Kingston, RI 02881


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