Freshmen Today

During freshman orientation, Jayne Richmond, dean of University College and Special Academic Programs, gives parents the scoop about what today’s freshmen at URI and around the nation are like. Here’s a sampling of what the dean shares:

These digital natives are tech savvy—being connected is essential through IM, texting, blogging, pod casting, Facebook, and YouTube.

They are also connected to their parents and struggle more than previous generations with taking responsibility for themselves.

Cheating is more rampant than ever but hard to define as “collective knowledge” and group work is highly prized.

They spend little time studying, 35 percent indicating that they spend about six hours per week on homework—the lowest percentage since this question was asked 25 years ago.

While nationally 50 percent of incoming students plan to work to help pay for college, the percentage is less at URI.

These members of the millennial generation show increased interest in social and civic responsibilities.

More than 70 percent socialize with someone of a different racial or ethnic background.

“This type of information helps us to know this ever changing population,” says Dean Richmond. “With it, we can better plan a curriculum and a support network that will facilitate our students’ success.”