Jonathan “John” Shadeck ’06

Jonathan “John” Shadeck ’06

Graffiti to Rock ’n’ Roll, Green Art to Tattoo Culture

When Fulbright scholar John Shadeck finishes his yearlong program in Hungary, he’ll leave his students with a better understanding of the English language and the American tattoo.

Shadeck, who holds a bachelor’s in art studio from URI, received his Fulbright award in April 2010 while finishing a master’s thesis in art education at the University of Arizona. He is presently an English teaching assistant living in Veszprem, western Hungary.

At the University of Pannonia, Shadeck teaches English improvement and a course of his own design called Alternative Contemporary American Art Practice, “a survey of underground and non-fine arts in the United States during the past 20 years. We discuss everything from graffiti to rock ’n’ roll, green art to tattoo culture.”

Shadeck volunteers at the American Corner, a program housed in the town library. He participates in English book and conversation clubs, while also assisting Hungarian students interested in studying in America complete the application process. And he teaches beginner English to a women’s group.

There are high school outreach engagements and weekly cultural programs. For Halloween, Shadeck gave a lecture on Arizona’s Dia De Lose Muertos celebrations.

Shadeck’s interest in studying abroad was piqued at URI: “I remember attending a study abroad fair and thinking how great it would be to travel around the world,” he recalls. “That’s when I was first inspired to travel. I ended up studying film the next year in Brisbane, Australia.”

Shadeck says he is considering staying in Eastern Europe after his program ends. “Perhaps I will move to Budapest and teach for another year in the capital city. I have a lot of Hungarian and American friends who live there, so it is close to my heart,” he says. “Teaching in Rhode Island is also an option, considering it’s my home and where my family and friends reside.”

—Marybeth Reilly-McGreen