Marianne Gattinella ’79

Growing the Business One Candidate at a Time

Photo by Nora Lewis
Photo by Nora Lewis

“I knew I wanted to work in human resources —or personnel as it was called then—from the time I was an undergraduate studying management,” says Marianne Gattinella, vice president of human resources, corporate segment, for The McGraw-Hill Companies.

A member of the College of Business Administration Hall of Fame, Gattinella pursued a career in human resources for the opportunity it presented to work directly with people. “After graduation, when I started out in The Travelers (Insurance) Personnel Training Program, it was about working with people, but the field has evolved. It’s now just as much about helping the business grow.”

Gattinella works toward that goal by supporting “the CFO, CTO, and all the other members of the C-suite to ensure they attract and develop talent and have succession plans in place. And in recruiting, culture and fit are of primary importance the more senior the level of the position you are filling.”

She concedes that “fit” is an intangible concept, but it is of primary importance to both the company and the candidate. To help determine if prospects are a good match for senior-level positions, she asks about what they liked and disliked about previous employers, and she tells them about the hiring manager—what the boss is like. “I want them to come in with eyes wide open.”

Through candid conversations, Gattinella is able to identify who can drive the business forward; these discoveries are a major source of her professional satisfaction. “I really love seeing a business grow through talent, and if I have a boss who understands how talent helps, then human resources is a phenomenal place to be.”

After working in human resources for three decades, Gattinella attributes her continued enthusiasm and success to her inherent ability to build relationships. “I am the best friend a person can have. I keep people in my life and have an extraordinary network. That makes me the best developer of talent.”

—Maria V. Caliri ’86, M.B.A. ’92