Neil McNulty ’78

The Quick 30/30 Job Solution

Photo courtesy of Neil McNulty
Photo courtesy of Neil McNulty

The lousy economy, rising unemployment rate, and sinking real estate market are bad news if you’re looking for a job, right? Not in the optimistic mind of Neil McNulty.

McNulty heads McNulty Management Group (MMG), a Virginia Beach company he founded in 1993 to place veterans once they leave the military. He believes that military or civilian, if you have marketable skills and take the right steps, you can find a job within 30 days no more than 30 miles from your home.

McNulty started his career in placement in 1984, the year after he completed five years active duty as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. “With most search and placement firms, you go where they tell you,” he says. “I asked, ‘Why doesn’t someone place people where they want to live?’” And so began the development of his 30/30 Placement Program, the model that forms the backbone of his company and is used today by placement firms across the U.S.

MMG works closely with clients by building an aggressive placement campaign tailored to their needs, coaching them through every step of the process, and offering strategies McNulty developed over his years as a placement expert.

“I teach things you’re never going to find in any career book,” he says. Well, except for his own, due out in July. Co-written with Dr. Ronald Krannich, whom McNulty says is known as the Tom Clancy of the career genre, the book is for anyone looking for a job—military veteran or otherwise.

“The economy is horrible; people can’t sell their homes so they need to find jobs near where they live,” McNulty says. Some 75 percent of MMG’s clients find work quickly and close to home when using 30/30 strategies..

“I believe we all have an inner gift,” McNulty, says. “I have a gift for placing people.”

–Paula Bodah