Down on the Farm

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Spring is here, and the animals in residence at URI’s Peckham Farm are celebrating in their own way. For the llama and donkey, it’s a chance to enjoy a romp around the corral. For the sheep, it’s time to think of doffing that heavy winter coat for a more svelte, clipped summer look. For the pigs, it’s time to soak up some sun. As for the lambs, to see what they make of it, check the video.

Counting sheep with Bonnie

Bonnie, the guard donkey at URI’s Peckham Farm, has the calmness of a yoga instructor, the instincts of a shepherd, and the ability to kick a coyote to kingdom come. She is also the undisputed boss of the barnyard.

The 14-year old jenny—on the job since 2003—is especially busy in the spring keeping watch over the Farm’s 34 sheep and 45 newborn lambs. See Bonnie’s YouTube debut.

URI uses Peckham Farm and its animals for hands-on learning for its 200 students who major in animal science.