Public Relations Series Makes Connections

Students interested in public relations had some of their questions answered this fall by experts in the field with the launching of a four-part series called Public Relations Summit: Making Connections.

“Anytime we can give students the chance to meet and talk with experts, the better prepared they become. Our goal as educators should be to give our students a thorough, practical base of knowledge, and also do whatever we can to help them establish career relationships,” said Robert Beagle, vice president, University Advancement, commenting on the series.

“Although this is the first year for the PR Summit, my goal is to continue this exciting learning opportunity next year so that students can explore the many facets of the world of public relations,” said series coordinator Regina Bell, director of the Public Relations Program in URI’s Communication Studies Department. “As career opportunities continue to evolve, it is critical we encourage students to consider the various options available to them. The series is designed to give students an informal yet informative way to make connections with leading public relations professionals.”