Rhody Postcards: Andrew Benson ’11 and Kellye Ann (Loethen) Donovan ’08

Lieutenant Andrew Benson ’11 and Lieutenant Kelly Ann (Loethen) Donovan ’08 at NATO ROLE 3 Hospital in Kandahar, Afghanistan. February, 2013.

Lieutenants Kellye Ann Donovan ’08 and Andrew Benson ’11 have crossed paths frequently. Both URI College of Pharmacy graduates, they first met at a College of Pharmacy job fair where Lieutenant Donovan was representing the U.S. Navy. She spoke with Benson about joining the Navy medical team, which he did, and the two ended up working together at Balboa Hospital in San Diego, CA. Benson was deployed to Afghanistan in July 2012. Six months later, Donovan was deployed and sent to Kandahar to replace Benson. Their deployments overlapped briefly so that Benson could pass the torch to Donovan. Lieutenant Benson has returned safely to home soil and Lieutenant Donovan will be home this September.


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