Still Playin’ the Blues

In his fifty years of playing throughout America and Europe, Paul Geremia has earned a reputation as an acoustic guitar genius, music scholar, and living link to America’s early jazz and blues.

When he’s not on the road, he can be found at home in Chepachet, RI with the 1930s Regal guitar he lovingly adapted to a twelve string. Unassuming and soft spoken with a glint of devilment in his smile, he’s come a long way. In 1962 as a URI freshman in the College of Agriculture, he was inspired by Pete Seeger’s performance in the basement of Edwards Hall. A 1963 Newport Folk Festival encounter with Mississippi John Hurt and others “sealed the deal” and he’s never looked back. From attending agronomy class and teaching guitar lessons out of the old Kingston Inn, to playing alongside some of America’s greatest blues legends, Geremia gives performances that ring true as the heartfelt mastery of a sincere artist and historian playing for the pure love of it. With his signature style, ten solo albums and another due out early next year, Paul Geremia continues to impress.

—Kate O’Malley