Stu Fitelson ’55: Ageless Athlete

You might be impressed to know that Stu Fitelson ’55, at the youthful age of 77, gets out on the ice regularly for a little hockey in a league of players who are mostly in the under-40 age range. But if that isn’t enough to impress you, then you should know that Fitelson, aka Seattle Stu, also plays basketball. And tennis. And baseball. All competitively.

And when he isn’t on the rink, or the field, or the court, he is the owner of an insurance company in Seattle, Wash., where he has lived for most of the past two decades.

Seattle Stu is a celebrity in the Seattle area, where his energy and athletic endeavors have been the subject of stories in local papers and television news. He has also used his celebrity status to endorse products.


“I’ll quit when I’m 100 years old,” Fitelson says, “or drop dead.”