To the Editor:

Longing for Campus Views

As someone who lives so far away from Kingston and has not been to Rhode Island in a very long time, I always check the magazine for photos taken around campus. Might I suggest a regular feature … something like “Then and Now.” I know there has been development around Heathman Hall (my freshman year dorm), but hunger for photos, aerial and on-the-ground, of that quadrant of campus. What is going on with the housing (condos?) up near Fine Arts? Off the ground? Never took off? What does the new Hope dining hall look like, inside and out? What does a typical Barlow Hall (my sophomore and junior years dorm) room look like these days? What does a Butterfield Hall (senior year dorm) room (post “vertical suites”) look like?

Perhaps I’m missing such a regular feature online. If so, please direct me to it. This is the kind of QuadAngles reading that I am most interested in.

Catherine Becker Lanni ’75
Sewickley, Pa.

The editor responds:

What a great idea! We hope you enjoy the “New Digs Walking Tour” here in this issue. Recent past coverage includes “Green Design” (fall 2011) and “Working the Room” (fall 2010). You can view these stories and photos online at Searching for “Move-In Day” will also yield slide shows of campus exteriors and interiors.

We hope to show more campus developments in the future. Thanks again for your suggestion.

Gigi Edwards
QuadAngles Editor-in-Chief