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Community Outreach & Education

ReadyURI promotes basic skills in emergency preparedness, prevention, response  and recovery.

Being prepared and knowing what to do when faced with an emergency is key to surviving.  An emergency is an event that threatens the lives, property and/or operations of people and University business. Some emergencies are predictable while others occur without warning.

Emergencies  come in many different forms.  Some are natural disasters like  hurricanes, tropical storms, blizzards, tornados and other forms of  severe weather.  Many times severe weather events lead to power outages for extended periods of time on campus.  Unfortunately, with the increase of violence in the world today it is also essential to be prepared for man-made emergencies as well. Some examples of man-made emergencies include  active shooters/gunman, bomb threats  or other violent situations.

Through ReadyURI trainings, educational materials and guidance documents you can learn  how to prepare for  and respond to emergencies on campus.  Preparedness is a shared responsibility among community members and can be achieved through simple steps such as becoming familiar with emergency protective actions, knowing evacuation routes and having a basic disaster supply kit.  All of these trainings are available upon request by e-mailing office@emergency.uri.edu. 

Together we can build a resilient community!

Training and Education

Emergency Protective Actions: This emergency awareness introductory training is provided by the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security and outlines the terminology used during the activation of the URI Emergency Notification System.  All students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to participate in this training.  This training is offered in-person and provides time for students, faculty and staff to interact and ask questions. Refresher trainings will be provided on Sakai. To request a training or for more information contact fill out the form on this website.

Environmental Health and Safety: These trainings provide an overview of lab safety, radiation, chemical and biological safety, proper hazardous waste disposal and occupational safety.  These trainings can also be scheduled by e-mailing office@emergency.uri.edu or filling out the form on this website.

Community Emergency Response Team: The Community Emergency Response Team training is a free all-hazards emergency preparedness training covering topics such as disaster preparedness, basic fire safety and suppression, disaster medical operations, disaster psychology, basic search and rescue and other important topics. Get involved and give back to your community today!

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