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Biosafety Resources and Training

Biosafety Manual

The URI Biosafety Manual provides a brief overview of the requirements for regulatory compliance with laws and guidelines governing proper use, containment, and disposal of biological hazards. Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) for laboratory activities that involve the use of biological materials are included as appendices to the manual.  SOPs are meant to provide practical guidance on proper work practices to ensure safety. Be Safe – Use Your URI Biosafety Manual

URI Biosafety Manual


Appendix A – Exposure Control Plan for Researchers

Appendix B – Standard and Special Microbiological Practices SOP

Appendix C – Safe Use of Biosafety Cabinets SOP

Appendix D – Safe Use of Centrifuges SOP

Appendix E – Avoiding the Production of Biological Aerosols SOP

Appendix F – Transporting Biohazardous Materials SOP

Appendix G – Sharps Handling and Disposal SOP

Appendix H – Managing Biohazardous Waste SOP (rev. 7-2014)

Appendix I – Disinfectants for Biohazardous Materials SOP

Appendix J – Biohazard Spill Management Plan SOP

Appendix K – Centrifuge Safety Poster

Appendix L – OSHA Definitions

Appendix M – Exposure Determination

Appendix N – Universal Biohazard Symbol

Appendix O – Equipment Decontamination Label

Appendix P – Biological Risk Assessment Worksheet

Appendix Q – Guidance on the Use of Human, Primate, and Mammalian Cell Lines

Appendix R – Animal Biosafety Level (ABSL) Determination Matrix

Biosafety Training

The URI Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) provides comprehensive training for personnel conducting Biological Research. Annual training is required for all personnel working at Biosafety Level 2 or higher on approved IBC protocols. This training covers biosafety guidelines followed at URI, the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA)’s Bloodborne Pathogen Program, disinfection and waste disposal procedures, and the use of biological safety cabinets.

For staff or students new to URI, the first training must be completed during an in-person session offered by URI EH&S.  Annual refresher training can be completed on the CITI program.

— For information about in-person training courses, visit the University of Rhode Island’s Environmental Health and Safety Training Schedule

— For information about CITI online biosafety training, visit: Compliance Training 

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