Rhode Island Land Grant Programs

College of the Environment and Life Sciences

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The University of Rhode Island Land Grant Programs are dedicated to enabling Rhode Islanders to improve their lives and communities through partnership that put our experience and research-based knowledge to work.

The Rhode Island Agricultural Experiment Station was established in 1888 at the same time as the State Agricultural School.  In 1892, the State Agricultural School became the Rhode Island College of Agricultural and Mechanic Arts.  In 1914, Cooperative Extension was established with the passage of the Smith-Lever Act.  Together the Agricultural Experiment Station, an important research arm of the university and Cooperative Extension, the outreach enterprise that translates university research to practice, are the cornerstones of the Land Grant programs.     Importantly, the Land Grant programs are committed to engaging in cutting edge research dedicated to resolving critical issues faced by Rhode Islanders and Americans.

Programs in the portfolio include:

  1. Food Safety and Nutrition
  2. Sustainable Energy, Climate Change and the Environment
  3. Food Production and Sustainability
  4. Youth, Family and Community
  5. International Programs
  6. CELS Community Access to Research and Extension Services (CARES)
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