Gardening is the number 1 hobby in the United States. The URI CELS Cooperative Extension Education Center (CEEC) uses this passion for gardening as an avenue for communicating a wealth of information on environmental issues directly tied to behaviors at home. The URI CEEC delivers a range of  research-based horticulture and environmental programs for the general public, youth, the Green Industry and governmental agencies. At the Center we work closely with RIAES and RICE programs in agricultural systems management. These programs emphasize the green industries (turfgrass and environmental horticulture) of the state because of their relative importance to the economy here in Rhode Island. We also are working closely with RICE staff involved with sustainable agriculture as part of an effort to revitalize and strengthen outreach programs to the more traditional agricultural sector. Rhode Island. Our focus is to maintain an economically viable industry with environmentally benign practices.

 Goals of this Program
  • Research: Establish a minimum of 3 collaborative research projects by faculty and staff in the College and with other Land Grant universities regarding sustainable landscapes, sustainable agriculture, invasive species, watershed patterns and processes and watershed management, emerging infectious diseases, and Integrated Pest Management.
  • Extension: Provide locally-relevant programs focused on individual actions and community management that can enhance community green and open space, protect and restore water quality in surface water ecosystems and in groundwater; conserve water and increase composting of organic materials.
  • Outreach efforts to community decision makers, agricultural, residential and engineering/regulatory community will be conducted.
  • Outreach to school children and to the urban population center in the state.
  • Demonstration sites will be established for use in such research and Extension programs.
  • Development and dissemination of publications, fact sheets, and web sites.

Kate E Venturini
Research Associate
Cooperative Extension Admin.
3 East Alumni Avenue
Kingston RI 02881