CELS CARES (College of the Environment and Life Sciences Community Access to Research and Extension Services) is a program that enables the academic community to respond to community needs. As the acronym indicates, this program provides a means for stakeholders to access the resources of RIAES and RICE. The program fosters integration of research and extension and the development of infrastructure critical to the Station’s research mission and Extension’s outreach endeavors.


RIAES and RICE require a systematic process to respond the needs, problems and challenges of key stakeholders. This program area provides the administrative support to respond to need and provide resources in key areas through both competitive and non-competitive processes.

Program goals:
  • Provide a means for stakeholders to access the experiment station and extension.
  • Provide the administrative support to respond to need and provide resources in key areas through both competitive and non-competitive processes
  • RIAES and RICE developed a request for application (RFA) process that encourages innovative, integrated proposals that meet the needs of state stakeholders.
  • Proposals are evaluated by internal university teams and external peers.
  • Resources are distributed using a merit based system.
  • Infrastructure needs are addressed by this program.

Dr. Richard Rhodes III
Associate Dean, Research and Outreach;
Associate Director, AES and CE
415 CBLS Building