International Programs are an important segment of the Rhode Island Land Grant portfolio. This area will provide opportunities for RIAES researchers and RICE specialists to extend knowledge, expertise, technologies, intellectual property and other skills to international stakeholders. We are currently engaged in fisheries and aquaculture projects in Africa, South America and Asia. Likewise, we have specialists providing expertise to a soil reclamation project in China and are providing opportunities for training Chinese agricultural scientists here at the University of Rhode Island.


Agriculture is a global endeavor. As such, the advancement of agriculture, food production and environmental sustainability is dependent on international partnerships. Addressing critical issues related to food production, agricultural sustainability, natural resource management, food safety, disease prevention are not only national priorities, they are global priorities. Likewise, our communities are becoming progressively diverse. An understanding and appreciation of cultural differences are essential to global cooperation, and successful international trade and development.

Goals of this Program

To assist international partners in the development of strategies for food production, agricultural  sustainability and global trade cooperation.

  • Develop and promulgate a shellfish sanitation program in African countries.
  • Assist international fishers; increase value of fishing products in domestic foreign markets.
  • Create scientist and student exchange programs with foreign institutions.
  • Assist partners in international projects.

Dr. Thomas P. Husband
Natural Resources Science
Room 107 Coastal Institute

Dr. Wm. Michael Sullivan
Plant Sciences and Entomology
Room 214 Woodward Hall

Dr. David Abedon
Natural Resources Science
Room 113 Coastal Institute