Bristol Town Beach

Location:  Asylum Rd, Bristol, RI 02809
LID Practice:  Bioswale, rain garden, native vegetation & buffer plantings 
Land Use Type:  Civic
Construction Date:  2003-2011
Project Description: BRISTOL TOWN BEACH
LID Type: Bioswale, rain garden, native vegetation & buffer plantings
Use:  Civic
Installer: D’Ambra Construction
Designer/Developer:  Gifford Design Group, Inc.

Install Date:  2003-2011
Address:  Asylum Road
Town:  Bristol
Zip Code:  02809
County:  Bristol

Walter Burke
Director of Parks and Recreation
Town of Bristol
Work: (401) 253-1611; Cell: (401) 641-0289

Project Summary:  In an effort to reduce the frequency of beach closures, The Town of Bristol has implemented a parking lot adjacent bioswale and vortex treatment unit, installed several rain gardens within the parking lot, planted large areas of native vegetation, and replaced two failing leach fields with a forced main sewer line.

Project Narrative:  After experiencing multiple beach closures, the Town of Bristol decided to take action to improve the water quality at Bristol Town Beach.  Through a partnership with many state, federal, and nonprofit organizations, the Town performed a comprehensive investigation to determine the main sources of contamination and pollution.  They were found to most likely be a result of the presence of Canadian Geese, four nearby stormwater discharges, runoff from a large parking lot, and two nearby failing leach fields.

After this analysis, the Town and their partners implemented four corrective actions in an effort to improve water quality.  Two nearby septic systems and leach fields were removed, and replaced with a forced main sewer line.  The beach area parking lot was rebuilt with a new stormwater collection and treatment system, including a bioswale and vortex unit located off the northwest edge. The interior of the parking lot was built with six elongated rain gardens, and three bioretention cells were built to treat runoff from the parking lot and adjacent play areas. Over 100 trees were planted on site to provide shade and discourage Canadian Geese activity, and marsh grasses and other native plants were planted along the north side of the beach to restore the natural buffer.

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Address: Bristol Town Beach, Bristol, 02809