Louttit Library Rain Garden

LID Type: Rain Garden
Use: Institutional
Installer: Rhode Island Residential Rain Garden Training Program
Designer/Developer: David Renzi (Out in Front Horticulture) and Kate Venturini (URI Outreach Center)
Install Date: October 28, 2011

Address: 274 Victory Highway
Town: West Greenwich
Zip Code: 02817
County: Kent

Kate Venturini
URI Outreach Center

The Louttit Library Rain Garden was constructed as hands-on training for participants in the Rhode Island Residential Rain Garden Training Program, a 2-day workshop conducted by the University of Rhode Island Cooperative Extension. The 200 square foot garden is designed to collect, treat, and infiltrate 1 inch of stormwater runoff from a portion of the Louttit Library roof, approximately 1,200 square feet of drainage area. A downspout fed by rain gutters along the front façade of the library was disconnected, buried below grade, and subsequently directed into the rain garden. An existing planting bed adjacent to the rain garden serves as an overflow area in the event of large storm occurrences. The garden’s predominantly loamy soil, with an infiltration rate of 4 inches per hour, was amended with 1 inch of compost prior to planting. A selection of native species, including Maidenhair Fern, Wild Columbine, Hardy Aster, Buttonbush, Sweet Pepperbush, Inkberry, and Lowbush Blueberry, were specified for planting, with the ability to tolerate both wet and dry conditions. After planting, a 2-inch layer of mulch was applied in order to control weed growth, regulate soil temperature, and provide aesthetic value. Funding for construction and plant materials and site preparation was provided by the Town of West Greenwich, which will also maintain the rain garden.

Address: 274 Victory Highway, West Greenwich, RI 02817