Roger Williams Park Botanical Center Rain Garden

LID Type: Rain Garden
Use: Civic
Installer: Rhode Island Residential Rain Garden Training Program
Designer/Developer: Siting and design by Michael Dietz (CT NEMO) and David Renzi (Out In Front Horticulture); Planting design by Kate Venturini (URI Outreach Center) and David Renzi
Install Date: March 31, 2011

Address: 1 Floral Avenue
Town: Providence
Zip Code: 02907
County: Providence

Lorraine Joubert
Director, RI NEMO

The Roger Williams Park Botanical Center rain garden was constructed as hands-on training under the Rhode Island Residential Rain Garden Training Program. The garden was sized to contain one inch of runoff from the roof of the adjacent building. Two roof leaders were disconnected and subsequently directed into the rain garden, and the existing pipes were utilized as overflow in the event of large storm occurrences. A variety of shrubs and flowering perennials were selected for planting, including Wild Columbine, Sweet Pepperbush, Bleeding Heart, Inkberry, Winterberry, Sweetspire, Cardinal Flower, and Lowbush Blueberry.

Address: 1 Floral Avenue, Providence, RI 02907