Installing A Rain Garden

Getting Started

With proper guidance, rain gardens are not difficult to install and are easy to maintain. Rain gardens typically require digging a shallow depression, usually 6 inches deep, berming the edges to help keep water in and allow for proper infiltration, amending the soil, and planting with native perennials.

Finding Resources

There are numerous design guides, websites, and even a Mobile Rain Garden App, available with detailed instructions for installing a rain garden – including site assessment, sizing, design, installation, and plant selection guidance. We have listed a series of links to helpful websites, factsheets, and presentations to help you design your garden in our Resources section.

Training Opportunities

In addition, URI Cooperative Extension provides annual training opportunities for stormwater managers, natural resource professionals, volunteers, and others interested in learning more about rain garden planning, implementation, and maintenance. For more information and upcoming workshops, visit the RI Residential Rain Garden Program at the URI Outreach Center.

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