Septic Systems

Maintaining your septic system can not only protect local waters, it also can save you money by preventing costly repairs.

Inspect Your Septic System

Failing septic systems contribute to stormwater pollution. Regular inspections are critical, and these everyday actions can help keep your system functioning properly:

  • Aside from wastewater, toilet paper is the only other thing that should be flushed.
  • Don’t put food down your sink, and don’t use a kitchen garbage disposal.
  • As much as possible, reduce your water usage. It reduces the load of wastewater your system has to handle.
  • Balance your water usage throughout the week. For example, don’t do all your laundry on Saturday; spread the chore out over the week.
  • Is your wash water discharge separate? If so, plan to fix it in the long run, but for now, make sure that the discharge is flowing away from pavement and stormdrains.

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How Healthy Is Your Septic System?

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