• What is a Farmer?

    photo_main (3)A farmer is someone who is interested in the successful management, maintenance, and production of animals that leads to the processing of high-quality meats and dairy products.

    Farmers use the latest agricultural technologies available to increase food production without compromising animal health and wellness. A farmer can raise a variety of livestock species and the size of the farm can vary greatly depending on the space and capacity of the facility.

    Farmers perform both manual labor and managerial tasks.

  • How do I become a Farmer?

    photo_main (3)Experience and education are both crucial to becoming a successful farmer. The world of agriculture is ever-changing and it is important for farmers to be familiar with modern technologies. Although growing up on a family farm can make the transition from student to farmer fairly seamless, it is not the only way to become a farmer.

    Historically, education past high school was not mandatory to be a successful farmer and it still isn’t a hard-fast requirement. However, post-secondary education does provide farmers in both small and large businesses with a greater knowledge base that enables them to put into action many of the new technological advancements being made in:

    • livestock management,
    • reproduction,
    • nutrition, and
    • overall production.

    Students interested in becoming farmers should consider obtaining a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college with a department of animal science or a related field. Education beyond a bachelor’s degree is not as common in this field.

    In addition to education, it is necessary to gain hands-on farming experience to be able to apply the knowledge gained in school to real life situations.

  • Where can I find information about Farmers?

    photo_main (3)Finding a farming position usually isn’t as easy as doing a search on the Web. You should utilize your work and school experiences and farm network to connect with people who may be able to help you find work opportunities.

    Some people have family farms to return to and other people start up their own small-scale farms.

  • photo_main (3)Will I enjoy being a Farmer?

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