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Student Handbook Chapter 3

3. Respect for University Property & Property of Others

Maintaining and preserving University grounds, academic buildings, residence and dining facilities, and associated structures is an obligation of all members of the community.  Similarly, maintaining and preserving personal property is an obligation of all members of the community.

3.1 Fliers
3.2 Property
3.3 Academic Materials and Equipment
3.4 Unauthorized Occupancy
3.5 Trash, Recycling, Litter
3.6 Motorized Vehicles
3.7 Rollerblading, Skateboarding, Scooters

3.1 Fliers.

Students must obtain permission from building managers to post fliers inside any building on campus.  Posting of posters, handbills, fliers or notices on walls, trees, buildings, lawns, sidewalks, lampposts, electrical posts, trash containers, motor vehicles or anywhere other than an official bulletin board is strictly prohibited.  The use of duct tape on sidewalks, roads, or buildings is prohibited.  Delivery of fliers to individual residence rooms or to individual rooms in a fraternity or sorority is prohibited.

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3.2 Property.

Students must respect, maintain and care for property belonging to others.

  1. Vandalism. Vandalism, destruction of, damage to, or inappropriate use of property belonging to others is prohibited.
  2. Theft. Theft, attempted theft, or unauthorized possession of property belonging to others is prohibited.

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3.3 Academic Materials and Equipment.

Students must respect, maintain, and care for books, magazines, library materials, or other academic materials or equipment.  Destruction, mutilation, defacement, or tampering with any of the above is prohibited.

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3.4 Unauthorized Occupancy.

Students must observe University guidelines and policies regarding the occupancy and use of University property and facilities.  Unauthorized occupancy of or trespassing on University property or University facilities is prohibited.

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3.5 Trash, Recycling, and Litter.

Students must dispose of trash and recyclable materials only in the proper receptacles provided indoors and outdoors around campus.  Littering on campus grounds is strictly prohibited.  Contaminating recycling receptacles by putting in items not designated for that container is prohibited.

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3.6 Motorized Vehicles.

No motor vehicles may park on campus property without displaying a proper permit.  Check the Parking Services web page at for the most recent information.  All motor vehicles must be properly registered.  Students may operate or park a bicycle, motorcycle, automobile and any other manual or powered vehicle (except disability aids) only on established, authorized marked roadways and parking areas.

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3.7 Rollerblading, Skateboarding, Scooters.

Rollerblading, skateboarding, and scooters are prohibited within 30 feet of any University building.  Skateboards, rollerblades, roller skates, and scooters are prohibited from roadways on campus.

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