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Student Handbook Chapter 9

9. Other Policies and Important Information

9.1 Gambling
9.2 Name of the University
9.3 University Trademark
9.4 Copyrights and Patents
9.5 Policies on Motor Vehicles
9.6 Release and Disclosure of Information from Student Records
9.7 Public Records
9.8 Confidential Records
9.9 List of Records Maintained
9.10 Indebtedness to the University
9.11 Carothers Library Information

9.1 Gambling

Any gambling not licensed by the state is prohibited.  Prohibited activity includes, but is not limited to, such activities as sports betting pools, parlay cards, pyramid schemes, card games with money bets.

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9.2 Name of the University

No group of students will use the name of the University in outside activities, thereby representing the University, unless approved and authorized by the Director of the Memorial Union and Student Involvement and the Student Senate (Graduate Student Association for graduate students).

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9.3 University Trademark

The University has registered its name and its various associated symbols and emblems with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Consequently, all persons and organizations, both on and off campus, are required to obtain a written license from the URI Foundation if they wish to use the University’s name or symbols on any items for sale.  Organizations and units that are officially part of the University will pay a lesser fee than external organizations.  The signing of such a license does not grant the right to sell such items on campus.  This activity is controlled by other policies.

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9.4 Copyrights and Patents

All members of the University community, including faculty, pre and postdoctoral fellows, research associates, staff, and students, including graduate assistants and research assistants in any combination of study, research, and teaching, will be subject to the University’s Intellectual Property Policies.  These policies, which relate to patents, copyrights, and other forms of intellectual property, are contained in the University Manual and are subject to interpretation and implementation by the University’s Intellectual Property Committee, with the approval of the President of the University.

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9.5 Policies on Motor Vehicles

All vehicles parked on university grounds must display a valid parking permit.  All permits are issued through Parking Services.  Check the Parking Services web site at for the latest on-line registration information and complete University parking regulations.  All traffic tickets issued on the campus are State tickets processed by the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal and are not University controlled.  Failure to comply with University regulations and Rhode Island State laws governing traffic and parking may result in fines and towing.  Parking violations in handicap zones and fire lanes will be strictly enforced.  Student vehicles are prohibited from construction areas and violators will be towed.

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9.6 Release and Disclosure of Information from Student Records

Procedures for the release and disclosure of student records maintained by the University are in large measure governed by state and federal laws.  Where the law is silent, the University is guided by the principle that the privacy of an individual is of great importance and that as much information in a student’s file as possible should be disclosed to the student on request.  A current or former student has the right to inspect and review official records, files, and data directly related to that student.  This right does not extend to applicants, those denied admission to the University, or those who were admitted but did not enroll.  Students should be aware that in accordance with federal law, the University may, without consent, release information from conduct records if the record contains violations involving violence or issues of safety and well-being.

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9.7 Public Records

Public information may be released or published without the student’s consent.  Currently enrolled students may inform the appropriate office that public records should not be released or published (forms for this purpose are available at designated offices or on e-Campus).

Information confirming the following items about individual students is public and available from the offices listed below:

Full Name Enrollment Services
Campus, local, home address, e-mail address Enrollment Services
Telephone Listings (campus, local and home) Enrollment Services
Website Address Enrollment Services
Date and Place of Birth Enrollment Services
Major Field of Study Enrollment Services
Full/Part-time Student Status Enrollment Services
Participation in Officially Recognized Activities Memorial Union/Student Involvement Office
Sports Participation Sports Information Office
Weight and Height of Members of Athletic Teams Sports Information Office
Dates of Attendance Enrollment Services
Degrees and Awards Received Enrollment Services
The Most Recent Previous Educational Institution Enrollment Services
Class Year Enrollment Services
Graduation Dates Enrollment Services

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9.8 Confidential Records

All personal information relating to a particular student other than public records as defined above is considered confidential information.  This information includes but is not necessarily limited to:

  • academic evaluations
  • general counseling and advising records
  • conduct records
  • financial aid records
  • letters of recommendation
  • medical or health records
  • clinical counseling and psychiatric records
  • transcripts, test scores, and other academic records

Third parties, including the URI campus police, do not have access to personally identifiable records or information pertaining to students without the written consent of the student who specifies that the records be released. Parents are considered third parties.  Detailed guidelines for the release and disclosure of information from the student records are available from the Office of Student Life.  These guidelines comply with the legal requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 as amended.

For purposes of this section, the term “official records, files, and data” means material on students pertaining to their status as students, held by any unit or department of the University and intended for University use or to be available to parties outside the University.  It does not include:

  • Personally signed letters of recommendation to which students have waived their right of access
  • Campus law enforcement records held in the campus police station
  • Clinical, medical, counseling, or psychiatric records
  • Financial records of the parents of the student or any information contained therein
  • Private records kept by individual faculty or administrators possibly used as memory aids

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9.9 List of Records Maintained

Type of Record Location Individual Responsible
Academic Records and related correspondence Enrollment Services Dean’s Office Director; Academic Dean
Conduct Records Office of Student Life AVP/Dean
Health Records Student Health Services Director
Counseling Records Counseling Center Director
Career Records Career Services Director
Financial Aid Records Enrollment Services Director
International Student Records International Student Services Director
Talent Development Student Records Talent Development Director
Tuition, fees, and debts to the University Records Enrollment Services Director
Athletic Records Athletic Department Director
Meal Plan information and dining records Dining Services Director
Residence Hall Records Housing & Residential Life AVP/Director

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9.10 Indebtedness to the University

Failure to make full payment of all required fees or to resolve other debts to the University (for example, unreturned athletic equipment, overdue short-term or emergency loans, lost library books, debts to Housing and Residential Life for damages, obligations required by the University Student Conduct System) may result in the denial of registration until the payment is made, and/or disenrollment.  Appropriate University departments will provide the student with notice of the debt and reason for it and a review, if requested.  A student must fulfill all financial obligations to the University before receiving transcripts or a diploma.

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9.11 Carothers Library Information

a. Use – Basic Information

  • Your Library Card is your Student ID.  The number below the barcode (21222000XXXX) is your library card number.
  • Loan Period.  Undergraduate Students can check out a book for 28 days.  You can renew the book at the Circulation Desk(s), by phone, or online.
  • Online Access.  Your library barcode provides you with off-campus access to the Library’s online databases.
  • Responsibility.  You are responsible for your library record.

b. Fines and Sanctions

  • The average fine for a library book is .50 cents a day.
  • Any material not returned or paid within six weeks of the due date will be listed on your record as a billed item.  When that happens, borrowing privileges are automatically suspended and sanctions will be placed on the outstanding accounts.
  • All fines and bills are paid at the Circulation Desk.

c. Other Services                       

  • Group Study Rooms
  • Laptop In-House Loans
  • Information/Research Assistance
  • 24 Hour Study Room
  • Coffee Cart (The Daily Grind)
  • DVD Free Rentals
  • Copy and Printing Services
  • Course Reserves



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