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Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom – Start with Reflection

A new mindset for teaching

If you are considering making changes to your classroom, whether it be adding diverse perspectives, teaching cultural awareness or creating a more inclusive class, you need to start somewhere. Inclusive classrooms and courses that discuss diversity issues cannot be designed with a checklist or rubric. Specifically, being inclusive in your teaching is a process in which you work with your students to get to know their perspectives and add their voices to your class. Here we offer a place to start when redesigning or creating a class to be more inclusive or teach multicultural issues.

Start with Your Own Self Reflection

One of the first steps for creating an inclusive classroom or teaching multicultural awareness is self-awareness and self-reflection. Before someone can begin to understand differences between one’s self and others, they must first take the time to reflect on who they are. We recommend all instructors interested in being more inclusive take the time to self-reflect first.

Facilitate Self Reflection with your students

Whether you are teaching a multicultural content course, asking your students to dig deeper into the value of diverse perspectives and experiences, or creating an inclusive classroom environment your students will need the opportunity to reflect on themselves. Here are a couple examples of how to facilitate self reflection with your students.

Include Diverse Perspectives & Coordinate with campus diversity coordinators

Using videos of experts in your field and guest lectures from professionals in the community are great ways to bring new perspectives and dialogue into the classroom. At URI, we have many Departments and Resource Centers on campus, that are happy to work with faculty on topics in the classroom. Collaborating with diversity coordinators informs students about the support systems on campus and demonstrates the open communication between academic departments and diversity departments on campus.

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