George Dombi


I believe in insight and I would like to foster that event in students that I teach.  New learning has to make sense with existing understanding and sometimes it is a struggle to make them fit.  Insight is the personal moment of intellectual pleasure that one gets when they suddenly realized how the two parts fit together.  Sometimes to integrate new material, a person might have to give-up a part of their previous understanding or rearrange it. This is called learning. The pleasure of the moment of insight seems to be greater the more the person had to struggle to make the pieces fit.  Insight produces something like a mental release. Failure followed by study and retrial are the ways of learning. Mastering the material is the goal but steps to it are through failure and retrial; persistence is a key ingredient to academic success.

Teaching and learning topics/strategies of interest:

  1. Clickers in large classes
  2. Electronic homework for large classes
  3. Pre-class skills checks – work books

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