Thinking About Blending Your Course

Wednesday, September 27, 12:00- 1:00pm – WebEx
Presenters: Joannah Portman-Daley and Kathleen Torrens (ATL)

A fully online webinar using WebEx.


In recent years, we have learned how to combine the best of in-person and online teaching. Blending a course is not as simple as putting half of it online; rather, blended teaching requires careful thought and planning to maximize learning and engagement. A carefully planned and strategic approach to blended learning will benefit URI students in several important ways. Indeed, research clearly demonstrates higher student achievement in blended environments, greater engagement with material, and higher satisfaction with their learning. This session will cover best practices in blended teaching and learning and introduce an exciting new initiative through ATL and the Provost’s office. This initiative aims to innovate teaching and learning at URI and address classroom space concerns by offering selected applicants a $500 stipend to design and teach a blended course in Fall 2018.