Christie Ward-Ritacco

CWR headshot from uga

Enhancing the academic experience so that the classroom/lecture is a place of learning and discovery for both professor and students inspires my interest in the scholarship of teaching and learning.  Determining the most effective methods for lecture, readings, and assignments that result in enhanced student application and retention of classroom material is paramount to my interest in this area.  I am especially focused on examining methods that allow for improved application of material from pre-requisite classes into major/core coursed.  This semester, I plan to examine how reciprocal peer teaching and metacognitive reflection can be used as methods for enhancing learning in major level courses, especially those taught in a large format.  I’m also interested in exploring which teaching and learning strategies are best for ensuring that our students develop knowledge and skills that enhance their success in life after their undergraduate/graduate studies at URI.

Teaching and learning topics/strategies of interest:

  1.     Large classes
  2.     Reciprocal peer teaching
  3.     Metacognitive reflection

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