Demonstration Tables & Topics 2013

March 20, 2013
Floor Plan with Table Numbers & Topics
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2013 Ballroom Exhibit Table Descriptions
(Words in Bold are the short Topic Names on the Map/Layout)

Table Name Description
1  Michael Khalfayan  Security Awareness Training. What’s happening in Information Security.
2 Deposit Raffle Ticket Here!
3 Fill out Raffle Ticket Here!
4 ITS Help Desk Students Help Desk Support for the URI Technology Symposium Event.
5 Timothy Henry Tools and Pedagogy for Online and Hybrid Courses: Covers designing an online or hybrid course that is student centered with a web site that gives students information and direct access to tools. Lessons learned from the “Flipped Classroom” hybrid model.
6 Rebecca Lee & Nikki Churchwell The RI DataHUB is a collection of data from National state and local sources to provide summarized and integrated data for the public. Topics include: Demographics, Education and Health. Technology use to make data available to decision makers.
7 Barbara Kaskosz Mobile Math Apps: The Smartphone Paradigm. A display and a demo of mathematics smartphone apps that are currently being developed by the author and her collaborators at Shippensburg University, PA. The project is sponsored by the National Science Foundation under the grant NSF DUE-1140299. The apps are created for the Android and the Apple iOS platforms and are focused on Precalculus material. We will show the latest demographic trends in smartphone and tablet adoption and their implications for education. We will demonstrate recently developed precalculus materials and discuss content, user interface, and the design tools. A key part of the project is assessing the effectiveness of the apps. An ongoing assessment is being conducted at Shippensburg University.
8 George Tsiatas Using an Instructional Shake Table to enhance student experience and carry out outreach activities.
9 Refreshments.
10 Julia Lovett Digital Commons.
11 Jay Fogleman 11-12 Using Evernote for Learning, Teaching, and Research: Building a Personal Knowledge Base. Evernote is a note taking program that exists simultaneously on all of a user’s digital devices. I’ll describe how Evernote can be customized to address faculty and students’ learning needs by applying principles of personal knowledge management. Student videos and tutorials developed for a URI 101 pilot study will be shared.
12-1 Using Wikispaces to Enhance Online Assignments URI has added Wikispaces to its suite of online instructional tools. Wikispaces can be used to enhance the content modules and discussion forums often used in Sakai by providing a venue for collaborative projects and writing assignments. Some examples of course Wikispaces will be presented, along with ideas about how to integrate Wikispaces into your current course structures.
1-2 Academic iPads So you’ve had an iPad for a while, but are not sure it’s earning its keep because you’re still carrying a laptop around anyway? At this table, you can find out how to use your iPad more effectively for academic work. You can also join other faculty members to share your successes as well as persistent needs, and frustrations. A selection of iPad apps and accessories will be available to explore.
12 Brian Maynard A website developed for teaching plant materials. Uses SQLite database for quick, easy access and the ability to create study cards and set up plant lists for lectures. The site may be viewed at:
13 Kendall Moore Getting the Story to the Public: Technology for Production and Distribution of News Stories. This demonstration will show how journalism students at URI are using various software, such as: Final Cut Pro, Garage Band, iWeb, Soundslides, and Filezilla, to produce and distribute their work on the web.
14 Jonathan Friesem Experiential Learning with Google Drive. The presentation will show the use of Google Drive Apps as a learning tool to enhance students’ collaboration. Using demonstrations and presentation the participants will learn educational techniques to use Google Drive apps in their classroom and group projects as well as online exams.
15 Vince Petronio Video Podcasting.
16 Rosanna Malaghan The Professional Edge: Creating Online Portfolio. While employers are searching for empowered, high-performing candidates for their positions, our students are developing online career portfolios to bridge the gap between academic skills and occupational skills. Online portfolios provide an outlet for students to showcase what they have accomplished in their internships, student involvement, research, class work and more, with tangible evidence and reflection. Join us to learn about the resources available to create professional online portfolios, what we have learned since we began this endeavor three years ago, and how you can incorporate this technology into your curriculum.
17 Nedra Reynolds ELI Peer Review. This demo will showcase the Eli peer review software currently used by Writing & Rhetoric, as well as several other departments across campus, and explain the benefit of online peer review for courses in any discipline.
18 Joannah Portman-Daley Screencasting to Enhance Instructor Presence in Online Classes. This demo will offer various ways to use screencasting to enhance an instructor’s presence in online classes.
19 Lisa Chen WordPress & Campus Map. New URI Web Server Environment.
20 Matthew MacKnight WRT 313 Video Game Users and Contexts. Looking at video game concepts and applications through Playdead Entertainment’s “Limbo” puzzle title.
21 James Baglama Online General Education Math Course. We developed engaging online activities that strengthens the communication between instructor and online student. The activities will help facilitate the learning of complex math problems in general education math courses. We also designed and created online learning videos and web pages for mobile devices.
22 ITS Suggestion Box
23 Jim Kinnie InfoRhode Tutorials. Learn basic library research in these short video tutorials. [Watch the recorded presentation.]
24 Lisa DiPippo Overview of Online Graduate Certificates in Digital Forensics and Cyber Security. For more information on the programs, visit our web site:
25 Frank Romanelli Using Etherpad and other free resources for online and blended learning.
26 Robert Viens VOIP & Wireless. Getting the most out of your VOIP phone. If you have any questions or need training please feel free to call telecom at 874-7071.
27 Kathleen Torrens Online Teaching Fellows.
28 Brenda Bravener-Greville CourseSmart: “Successfully Implement an eText Digital Strategy by Leveraging Your Campus Learning Management System”. Deploying a digital eText strategy within the campus ecosystem can prove challenging if there is no clear vision. With quality of education and student success becoming influenced more and more by content access, efficiency and scale _ especially due to the explosive growth in mobile device use _ there are many factors to consider during strategy development and implementation. This presentation will focus on how the delivery of content is evolving, content delivery challenges facing institutions today, and innovative approaches used to overcome some of those challenges to successfully implement a digital solution.
29 Dan Persaud Lecture Capture.
30 Yan Ma Teaching Online: This presentation will provide a historical and current practices of teaching distance education courses using available technology on URI campus to reach students in distance. It also explores how and what interactive technology works or not.
31 Cheryl McCarthy WebEnhanced Content Management for Courses and Access to Library Resources. This presentation will illustrate practical uses for Libguides, a content and knowledge management system. This presentation will show how Libguides can be adapted for use as a dynamic teaching tool for college courses. Attendees will be able to browse Libguides created for a variety of college courses learn how digital media can be included to create a collaborative learning environment. Discussion will center on the use of Libguides for creating interactive, collaborative web spaces for supporting teaching and learning in the 21st century.
32 Amanda Izenstark Supporting Students We Never See: Seven Years of Live Online Research Assistance @ the URI Libraries. Students across the disciplines – and around the world – contact us via our live chat widgets embedded in article databases and LibGuides for instant online research assistance. Hear how we’re helping students conduct better online research find scholarly articles efficiently and submit better work regardless of their physical location. Poster. Slides.
33 Tina Yetman “Academic AdvisingThe Enrollment Backpack. Enhancements to improve the academic planning and advising process include an enrollment backpack and new ïwhat-ifÍ capabilities.
34 Karol Leuzarder Zimbra Mail Services.
35 Charlene Yang & Brett Rutherford Sakai: Meetings Tool [Training Videos] & Wikispaces.
36 Terry Wild Sakai Statistics & VDI Demo (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). Tyler Data Center.
37 Jeff Mihok & Elizabeth Rees Turning Technologies, the preferred student response vendor on campus will be in attendance to provide resources and brief demonstrations of the software/hardware functionality being utilized at URI.
38 Katie Babula Classroom Media Assistance: Getting the Help You Need. A table display of equipment available for faculty use in the classroom. We will provide mini-demos of portable classroom capture alternatives as well as address classroom issues and faculty interests for future classroom equipment.
39 Mary Fetherston Gathering Data: An easy alternative. A quick presentation of the benefits and pitfalls of using Google Drive to create an easy web form to contact and elicit data from students faculty staff or the community.
40 Jef Bratberg & Jayne Pawasauskas Examsoft: exam process & scoring. Transition from paper-based to electronic exams: student experience financial considerations. Related to Table 47.
41 Dana Neugent Video production. Digital Content Production
42 Heather Johnson Digital Storytelling in the Classroom. Honors Nursing students in their first semester at URI created digital stories about empathy in their HPR112 class.
43 Diane Goldsmith The work of the Online Education Office and Quality MattersDemographics of Online Students at URI
44 Timothy Tierney On-location video. Do you need to document a process? capture an important presentation? interview a visiting scholar? create customized training? or develop a short documentary? We are ready to help plan, shoot, edit, and deliver video content for instructional applications. Interested in developing original digital content? We can help, take a look at our site.
Digital Content Production
45 Roy Bergstrom Digital Production Resource Center & Student Technology Assistants Program. The Digital Production Resource Center (DPRC) is the production/content development facility where Student Technology Assistants (STA) work on faculty projects. The Digital Production Resource Center is a robust and comprehensive production center designed to meet the need for creation of digital instructional materials for the classroom.
46 Lauren Mandel Tired of Powerpoint? Alternative, Free Online Presentation Tools. This demonstration will introduce you to a variety of free online presentation tools you (and your students!) can use to create dynamic and fun presentations.
47 Kelly Matson & Ian Lester Examsoft: Implementation & Exam Creation. Transition from paper-based to electronic exams: student experience, financial considerations & environmental impact. Related to Table 40.
48 Paige Ramsdell & Pamela Rohland Use of Assistive Software and Devices on a College campus. We will demonstrate the use of networked software at URI such as Dragon Dictate (speech recognition) and Kurzweil 3000 (text to speech) to show how all community members might benefit from software that was designed to assist students with disabilities. Other assistive devices will also be demonstrated, such as Smart-Pens, FM listening systems, etc.
49 Paul Whitney URI Bookstore: We will display our online course adoption process and highlight our digital textbook options. The bookstore now has the capacity to offer all course packs [modules] of selected readings in traditional print format and a digital version. A representative from our vendor [] will be at our table.
50 Daniel Richards RAMTech: We will be providing information on the technology solutions that are available from the campus stores. The benefits of purchasing from the campus stores, such as educational pricing, friendly customer service and additional services.
51 Beth Marshdoyle & Chris Knowlton Apple Mobile products in the Classroom / iBooks Authorexample from URI (Hurricane).Apple – iBooks Author iTunes U


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