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Supporting G-Suite: Email, Calendar, Collaboration Tools and More!

Getting Started With G-Suite

    1. To get to your G-Suite account login page, type the following URL into your browser address field and hit Enter:


    You will be on the Google page; the Sign In icon is located in the right upper corner. Click on it to login.


    1. Enter your e-Campus ID followed by @uri.edu; i.e., ecampusid@uri.edu.
    2. Enter your email password. If this is your first time on your G-Suite account, the initial password is your birthday in the format mmddyyyy; you will be asked to change it. Then click log in.

    Use the black navigation grid grid at the top in any Google application to open additional G-Suite apps such as Calendar, Contacts, and Docs.

    When you are finished, be sure to sign out! Go to the upper right corner of the screen. You will see your circle with your picture or a letter. Click on it. The Sign Out button is located at the bottom of the screen that appears:

  • If you know your G-Suite password and wish to change it, do the following:

    1. Login to your Google Account.
    2. Pull down the Settings menu at the far right (the icon looks like a gear) and select Settings.
    3. Choose the Accounts and Import tab.
    4. In the list of options, choose Google Account settings at the top. This will open a new page.
    5. Click on Signing in to Google. Click on the date listed as the last time it was updated. This will open the login page, where you will be asked to re-enter your current password. After you’ve entered your password, click Sign In. On the page that opens, follow directions and enter your new password.

    If you forgot your password:

    Call the Help Desk at 874-4357 and ask to have your G-Suite password reset.

  • If you have another Google email account – a personal Gmail account, for example, and you want to migrate your data from it to G-Suite, see Google’s instructions. Besides Gmail to G-Suite migrations, you can also do G-Suite to G-Suite migrations.

  • To use clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple mail and/or devices such as cell phones and tablets, you must enable IMAP in your account. To do this:

    1. Sign in to Gmail.
    2. Click the gear.icon gear in the top right.
    3. Select Settings.
    5. Select Enable IMAP.
    6. Click Save Changes.


  • We recommend strongly that you process your email
    on a Web browser rather than a desktop client!

    Browser processing ensures that you experience the full benefits of G-Suite and you have our Help Desk staff to give you full support and assistance with browser-related questions and issues.

    If you choose to continue to use a desktop client, the instructions below will get you set up using Thunderbird, Outlook, or Apple Mail.

    Note:  To use a desktop client, you must first enable IMAP via the settings in the Web interface; see Enable IMAP for Device Syncing above for instructions.

  • To import your Contacts from your current location to G-Suite, see the instructions at Google Contacts.

  • Go to the Learning Center page and select Calendar.

  • Go to the Learning Center page and select Mobile Devices.

  • The URI Directory is automatically populated with official URI email addresses only.

Securing Your G-Suite Account

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