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Helping you prepare for URI's move to Google for email, calendar, and collaboration tools

URI Is Going Google!

Responding to the needs of our faculty, staff and students, the University is beginning the process of migrating its email services to Google over the course of this year.

Google Apps for Education is a suite of online “in the cloud” ** services which includes email, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, messaging, chats, file storage and many other applications.  Google Apps for Education is the same system which URI students and alumni began using in 2010.  This has proven to be a successful and important educational tool in our global, online collaborative environment.

Colleges and departments will be notified in advance of their migration and provided with details of what you need to do and what to expect.  Currently, Information Technology Services is in the organization and detail planning stage of the project.

This website will help you prepare for URI’s move to Google for email, calendar, and collaboration tools. During the coming weeks and months, we will continue to share information on what you can expect and what you need to do before Going Google.

Check out the commonly asked Questions and Answers.

** “In the cloud” means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.

About the Project

Communications of project facts and events will be handled in four ways:

  • Campus email announcements to all faculty and staff for key high level project announcements, milestones and updates
  • Individual Division and/or department meetings with ITS staff for question and answers as well as obtaining feedback
  • Individual collaborations with department leadership, technology support and individuals as needed
  • This website

Use this website as your central point for information regarding the URI + Google initiative.  Please be aware that as this project progresses and migrations begin, more information will be available and posted to this site as well as in campus emails.

The following is the expected timeline as of November 1, 2014.  Changes may be necessary to accommodate delays in securing a contract with a vendor who will be handling the data migration and unforeseen circumstances.  Changes to the timeline will be communicated to faculty and staff following the project communications plan.

  • November 1 to December 31 
    • Turn off new instances of forwarding @uri.edu and @mail.uri.edu mail
    • Provisioning of Google Apps for Education accounts
    • Resolve generic account forwarding on Exchange
    • Resolve aliases from subdomains Math, Foundation, EDC, Advancement, Exchange
  • January 6th, 2015
    • GO LIVE with Google Apps for Education
    • All accounts of the form ecampusid@uri.edu and ecampusid@mail.uri.edu will go to Google
      • All forwarding of these accounts will immediately stop
      • New mail will be at Google, old mail will remain on Zimbra or wherever it is currently forwarding to.
    • Exchange accounts id@ds.uri.edu will go to Google
      • New mail will be at Google, old mail will remain on Exchange
    • Subdomains math.uri.edu, foundation.uri.edu, advance.uri.edu, edc.uri.edu will have their alias forwarding on their Google account
    • Alias accounts of the form non-ecampusid@uri.edu may not be available on January 6th. Those that have not been set as an alias on a Google account will continue to forward as it is currently doing.
  • January 2015
    • Resolve any mail delivery issues
  • February 2015
    • Begin old mail migration
    • develop plan for etal.uri.edu accounts
    • develop plan for dept.uri.edu accounts
    • work with other URI subdomains (ELE, EGR, CHM, CS) to plan move to Google Apps for Education
    • Begin migration of old Exchange mail as requested by owner
    • Begin migration of old Zimbra mail as requested by owner
  • March - June 2015
    • Implement etal.uri.edu and dept.uri.edu plan for accounts on Google
    • Implement plan for URI subdomains
    • Continued migration as requested; finishing up Exchange migration by July 1
  • July – Nov 15, 2015
    • Finish up any migrations from Zimbra and subdomains


For the list below, it is ONLY items on the University’s server.  That means any items stored on your computer or archives will not be migrated automatically for you.  The service ITS is providing will only migrate the data that exists on ITS servers.  To determine exactly what you on the University servers, go to your Zimbra account using the web interface at http://web.uri.edu/its/communications/email-login/.  For Microsoft Exchange users, go to the web interface at https://exchange.uri.edu/

Items that DO automatically migrate:

  • Emails
  • Calendar appointments
  • Contacts

Items that DO NOT automatically migrate:

  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Trash
  • Attachments to calendar appointments
  • Shares setup on calendars
  • email filters

Please be aware – You will need to manually setup your calendar shares and email filters on your new Google account.

One of the key benefits for moving faculty and staff to Google Apps for Education is by having the entire URI community on the same platform, we are a community using the same tools.  The process of sharing documents, files, calendars and using the numerous Google tools builds a community of experience which helps to provide a more seamless method of collaboration.  Using the same tools means there is more knowledge sharing of "how to" use the various tools and share the results created by URI faculty, staff and students.

Besides tools and services available to faculty and staff, additional benefits include: improved security, spam filtering and one of the industry's best guarantees of availability at 99.9% with no scheduled down time.

Here is a link to a Google site that lists many of the benefits for Google Apps for Education.   Please note - items listed as "Optional" (Google Vault for example) are not available.


There are numerous websites and videos available from Google about their products and services.  Here are some to provide you with information:

Google Apps for Education home page:


Google Apps for Education online learning home page:


Google Security video:


Georgetown University using Google Apps for Education:


Recorded webinar: 32 Ways to use Google Apps for Education in the classroom (1 hour):


Benefits of Google Apps for Education.   Please note - items listed as "Optional" (Google Vault for example) are not available.


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