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Supporting Google Apps For Education: Email, Calendar, Collaboration Tools And More!

A Guide For Day One

Getting Started


  • At this time, our priority is to migrate user data from the Exchange server (@ds.uri.edu). This is our oldest email server and is no longer supported by the vendor. Once that migration is completed, we will focus on migrating data from the Zimbra server (@mail.uri.edu).

    We are also in the process of securing a vendor to perform bulk migrations of email, calendars and contacts for faculty and staff, and hope to have that process completed within the next month.

    We are making three options available to you for migrating your email, calendar and contacts from the Exchange and Zimbra servers to your Google Apps for Education account.

    Please read the options below to determine which one is best for you.

    1. Self-migration

    If you have been using the Zimbra Web interface and do not have a large number of folders to migrate to Google Apps, you might consider migrating the data yourself. Getting your calendar and contacts into Google is very easy; moving your email may take some time, but is also not complicated.  Directions for self-migration are available online.

    2. Technologist-assisted Migration

    You may want to consider requesting help from a Technologist in your college or department or a Technologist from the Help Desk if:

    • You used the Zimbra Web interface and have multiple folders and subfolders
    • You used the Apple Mail client
    • You used the Outlook mail client

    The timeline for scheduling a Technologist will depend on how many people select this option and what the workload is for each available Technologist.

    3. Vendor-assisted Migration Processed by Third-party Vendor

    If you can wait a month or so until we have a vendor in place to perform bulk migrations of data, you can submit the request for this option. We will contact you to make arrangements to have your data migrated. 

    Note: If you are interested in options 2 and/or 3, submit your request as soon as possible! That way, if you are waiting for a Technologist-assisted migration when the vendor becomes available, you can receive quicker service.


  • If you have another Google email account – a personal Gmail account, for example, and you want to migrate your data from it to Google Apps, see Google’s instructions. Besides Gmail to Google Apps migrations, you can also do Google Apps to Google Apps migrations.

  • During the migration, contacts and then calendar data are processed first, followed by email.

    The link below opens a page with tables that outline which aspects of mail, calendar, and contact data are and are not migrated from Microsoft® Exchange to Google Apps. For example, messages with .exe attachments are not migrated. 

    What is Migrated

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