Project Timeline

Below is the expected timeline as of February 1, 2015.  Changes may be necessary to accommodate delays in securing a vendor contract to handle data migration and unforeseen issues. Timeline changes will be communicated to faculty and staff via email and this website.

November 1 to December 31, 2014: Done 

  • Turn off new instances of forwarding and mail.
  • Provision Google Apps for Education accounts.
  • Resolve generic account forwarding on Exchange.
  • Resolve aliases from sub-domains Math, Foundation, EDC, Advancement, and Exchange.

January 6, 2015: Done

  • GO LIVE with Google Apps for Education.
  • All accounts of the form and will go to Google Apps.

All forwarding of these accounts will immediately stop.

New mail will be on Google Apps, old mail will remain on Zimbra or wherever it is currently forwarded to.

  • Exchange accounts ( will go to Google Apps.

New mail will be on Google Apps, old mail will remain on Exchange.

  • Subdomains,,, and will have their alias forwarding mail to their Google Apps account.
  • Alias accounts of the form that have been submitted for retention on Google Apps may not be available yet on January 6th.  Those that have not been submitted for retention on Google Apps will continue to forward as they are currently doing.

January 2015: Done

  • Resolve any mail delivery issues.

February 2015: Done

  • Begin migration of old mail to Google Apps.
  • Develop plan for accounts.
  • Develop plan for accounts.
  • Work with other URI subdomains (ELE, EGR, CHM, CS) to move to Google Apps for Education.
  • Begin migration of old Exchange mail as requested by owner.
  • Begin migration of old Zimbra mail as requested by owner.

March – June 2015: Done

  • Implement and plan for accounts on Google Apps.
  • Implement plan for URI sub-domains.

July – Nov 30, 2015: Done

  • Continued migration as requested.
  • Finish Exchange migration by November 25th.
  • Access to Exchange server will be disabled November 25th.
  • Finish Zimbra and any sub-domain migration by November 30th.
  • Access to Zimbra server will be disabled December 7th.

Dec 2015: In Progress

  • ITS hosted email servers for Exchange and Zimbra decomissioned December 15th.
  • Plan for migrating data