Middle School Robotics Challenge

Every year, teams of Rhode Island middle school students compete in a Robotics Challenge at URI, sponsored by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT), the Federal Highway Administration and the URITC. Robots built by the student teams completed a challenge course consisting of commuting-themed transportation missions, such as moving disabled vehicles to a garage, delivering food to an airplane and picking up passengers at a bus stop.

Teams were also required to enter a poster contest, in which they depicte transportation-related careers. Students are required to belong to an after-school robotics club. They use robotic kits based on Lego building bricks.

Summary of the 2009 Robotics Challenge

Robotics Challenge Rules 2009

Poster Exhibit Guidelines 2009

Results for the 2009 Robotics Challenge


2008 Robotics Challenge

2009 Robotics Challenge 


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