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Adding a New Page

The first decision to make is what type of page you wish to create. There are custom templates for a few different types of pages that you might need. The custom types are:

  • People Page (listing of faculty, staff, grad students, preceptors, affiliates, etc.)
  • News Page (a collection of your latest news posts)
  • Custom Archive Page (a page that picks up posts from a single category)

All sites do not need all of these custom page types – and in fact, many sites will use none of them. In that case, you’ll want to simply add a new generic page (next section). Generic pages can have one of two layouts – a two-column page (navigation on the left, and one wide content area on the right), or a “Default” three-column page (navigation on the left, a wide center content area, and a supplemental narrow third column on the right.)

Adding a New Generic Page

  • Navigate to Pages in the left menu, and click Add New.
  • You will then be taken to the Page Creation screen; start by giving the page an appropriate title in the box at the top. Select the Visual tab at the top right of the editing window (unless you’re comfortable editing in HTML).
  • In the right column, choose Page Attributes, and select the Template you’d like to use (either the Default Template, which is a left nav, center content, and right column; or the Two Column, which has a content area that extends all the way to the right edge of the page, with no right column).
  • Select the checkbox at the right if you want the Page Title you added above to be the first headline in the white area of your page.
  • Now add the content for your page! Words, images, headings, etc. If you wish to copy content from another place into WordPress, use the following instructions:
  1. To copy and paste from MS Word: Copy the text from Word (using Edit -> Copy), and return to the WordPress editor. Click on the Paste from Word button. (That’s the button above on the right, with the W.) A box will pop up – paste your text into that box and click the Insert button at the bottom.
  2. To copy and paste from elsewhere, such as a web site, PDF, or other type of file: Copy the text from the other page, and return to the WordPress editor. Click on the Paste as Plain Text button. (That’s the button above on the left, with the T.) A box will pop up – paste your text into that box and click the insert button at the bottom.

Depending on your permissions, you may not be able to add certain types of code. If you find that WordPress is “eating” custom HTML that you’re trying to enter, contact Web Communications using the email/phone on the front of this document.

If you’ve chosen the Default template, you will add content to the right column in one of two ways. If you want the content to show up on every page on your site that has a right column, use a widget (Appearance -> Widgets) that you drag into the Right Department Sidebar widget area on the right. (Details on adding widgets can be found in the Optional Widgets section on page 13.)

If you want the content to show up only on the right column of that page, scroll down to the Custom Sidebar section. Here, you can add text or HTML that will appear in the right column of only that page. It will appear only if you are using the “Default Template”, which displays three columns.

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