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Working with Gravity Forms

Creating New Forms

  • To enter the forms tool click Forms in the left navigation menu. Select New Form to create a new form.
  • Hover over the ‘Untitled Form‘ that appears on the page, and click the ‘Edit’ button.
  • The Form Settings box will appear.
  • Fill in your Title and Description, and set the alignment properties using the ‘Label Placement’ and ‘Description Placement’ drop downs.
  • Set the Advanced and Confirmation tabs as necessary (you probably won’t need to change anything here).
  • Use the Notifications tab to the right of the Form Editor tab to set up automatic email notifications when a form is submitted, and enter any customization or messages to go along with the notifications (optional).

Form Field Toolbox

The Form Field Toolbox is located in the ride side of the screen. The field types include Standard Fields, Advanced Fields, Post Fields, and Pricing Fields.

  • Standard Fields allows you to create and edit structural aspect
    s of your form.
  • Advanced Fields gives you the option to include basic contact information.
  • Post Fields gives you the option to include text, images, tags, etc.
  • Pricing Fields are an option for forms involving buying or ordering items.

*Don’t forget to save your form using the save form icon in the lower right corner!

Once you have saved your form an icon will appear that gives you the option to preview yourform, set up email confirmation, continue editing or return to form list.

Editing Forms

You can view your forms by going to the Edit Form page. In this menu you can look at the views, entries, and conversation data for your forms. In order to view or edit your form you may select it. If you hover your mouse over the form name you have the option to edit, preview, duplicate, delete and view notifications or entries.

In order to change the status of your form you can select or deselect the status icon to the left of the form name. The filter toolbar will allow you to filter which forms are visible.

Adding a Form to a Page

Once your form is created, you will need to insert it into a web page.

IMPORTANT: The title of the page should contain the term ‘online-form’. This is to exclude the page from caching, and ensure that no submissions are ever lost.

Open the page for editing, and click the forms icon above the editing box:

screenshot of form icon

This will open the ‘Add Gravity Form’ window.

screen shot of add form window

Select your form from the drop down menu, choose your display options, then click ‘Insert Form.’ Additional content can be added on the page if necessary.

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