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URI User Documentation for WordPress Users

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Getting Started

Once your site has been created, you will be notified how to log in, and you can begin setting it up. Remember that if you have any questions along the way, Web Communications staff is here to help you out.

Your theme settings and general settings will have already been created for you based on your responses on the sign-up form. There is only one URI WordPress theme, which should work for all users, whether they’re visiting your web site on a computer, tablet, mobile phone, or other device. (However, there are several types of page layouts – refer to How to Navigate the Dashboard)

We will have already gone to the Appearance -> Themes -> Customize screen to create the correct:

◦ Site title and tagline settings
◦ Static Front Page settings

In addition, all necessary plugins will have been activated, so there’s no need for you to turn them on.

Setting Your Home Page

In case your home page hasn’t been set, or you want to change the page that you use as your home page, first, create the page, calling it whatever you like. Then, in the Dashboard go to Settings -> Reading, and choose the radio button next to “A static page”. Then choose the page from the drop-down menu just below. Your home page is set!

Setting Your Site Options

Go to http://web.uri.edu/yoursite/wp-admin/ and log in. From the left menu, choose Appearance -> Site Options. You will see several tabs across the top of the page.

Basic options:

Site Identifier – This is the small image at the top left of each of your pages, in the blue bar. This image should be something that is very good-looking and compelling. It doesn’t necessarily need to reflect all aspects of your site, but it should be a colorful, clear, high-quality image, and should reflect URI (e.g. no stock art). The image you add should be 190 pixels wide and 90 pixels high.

Department address – The street/mailing address of your office or department.

Department email address – A contact email that the public can use to send inquiries to your department. (This will automatically be turned into a link on each page, you don’t have to add any special code.)

Department phone number – Phone and fax lines, formatted as shown, using periods instead of dashes (fax is optional):
401.874.5842 (Fax 401.874.2181)

Social Media:

If your department or office has an official Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Google+ presence, add it here. (The information to the left of each field tells you exactly what to add.) The appropriate icons will automatically appear below your left navigation list on each page. Do not use the main URI social media accounts on your site. If you don’t have a social media presence of your own, leave the fields blank. If you’re interested in learning more about social media at URI and how you might become involved, get in touch with the Social Media Coordinator in Web Communications, using the contact information on the front of this document.

Homepage Setup:

See WordPress Dashboard.


This feature allows you to add temporary important “alert” text at the top of each page on your site (or just the home page of your site, depending on which option you choose). This should be used sparingly, and only in the case that you really need to disrupt your page flow to communicate a critical, short-term message. (If you need longer-term messages, widgets or other home page settings see How to Navigate the DashboardHome Page.) Examples of appropriate “alert” use might include a change in venue for an event that is happening very soon, a boil water advisory in one of your department’s buildings, etc. As a guideline, an alert message should only be used for a day or two at a time.

Advanced settings:

You will probably never need to use these, but they’re here for special cases. Please get in touch with Web Communications staff if you wish to use any of these.

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