phpESP Survey/Form Tutorial

Step 2: Create/define a survey/form

Once you log on to phpESP, you’ll be put into its Management Interface which lists a number of menu choices. Select Create a New Survey to start.

Management Interface

The Management Interface will then change into a survey design page that provides five tabbed options (“General”, “Questions”, “Order”, “Preview”, “Finish”). Select the first tab calledGeneral to define your survey/form. The information on this tab applies to the whole survey. Fill out this page before proceeding to the next tab.

General Tab


  • The survey filename is used for all further access to this survey. No spaces are allowed and all characters must be alpha-numeric. REQUIRED.


  • The group that owns this survey. Use the group name supplied from the email to keep other groups’ members from being able to modify the survey. REQUIRED.


  • The title of the survey appears at the top of every page of the survey and may include spaces. REQUIRED.


  • The subtitle of the survey. Appears below the title and may include spaces.

Additional Info

  • Any text to be displayed on the survey before any fields.

Confirmation Page

  • The URL to which a user is redirected after completing this survey.

Confirmation Heading Text

  • The Confirmation Heading will be displayed after a user completes a survey. This is displayed in bold.

Confirmation Body Text

  • This text is below the Confirmation Heading


  • Fill in your email if you wish to receive an email with each survey/form submission; leave blank for no email.


  • Select a theme (css-based template) to use with this survey.

If you already own surveys/forms, you may create new surveys/forms by copying any existing surveys/forms that your group owns. Select Copy an Existing Survey from the Management Interface and select the survey you wish to copy. Changes to the new copy can be made by selecting Edit an Existing Survey from the Management Interface.

Move on to Step 3: Compose Survey Questions.

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