General Design Guidelines

1) Stay simple and consistent

Less is more!  Don’t include:


2) Use standard HTML

3) Use meta tags

4) Content, content, content

5) Enhance online readability

  • Do not use underlined text
  • Be concise
  • Highlight keywords, headings and subheadings (using bulleted lists, subheadings, iconic graphics, and so on)
  • Compare text layout
  • Break up “chunks” of text and keep paragraphs short
  • Use CSS positioning to control page layout and column width
  • Example of page layout
  • URI Web templates in multiple column format
  • Guide to CSS Positioning
  • CSS2 Specification
  • Proofread and then proof again

6) Use links effectively

7) Use frames sparingly

8) Use Server Side Include (SSI) to embed head/footer/menus

9) Use templates (with embedded header/footer/navigation) to generate new content

10) Include contact information with email address

11) Check display on tablet and mobile devices

12) Print a hard copy

13) Copyright issues