Google Analytics: Drilling Down To Your Site/Pages

There are 3 ways to subset the overall Report data for

  1. Having the GA admin create a filtered View that contains pages starting at and below your site path, e.g. /enrollment/
  2. Using the Filter option for the Report in question, e.g. /enrollment/
  3. Creating a Segment for your site path

The first option has been exhausted for In other words, after many sites requested this, it is no longer available, as we have a limit to the number we can create (based on GA rules). The other problem is that data for your site only starts being reported in that View on the day after the View was created. So to see historical data before that date, you need to go to the view and utilize option 2 or 3.

The second option, though easy to implement, is only available for BEHAVIOR>Site Content Reports.

The third option manifests across AUDIENCE, ACQUISITION, and BEHAVIOR. It is a bit more complicated to setup, but once you have it, it will stay with your id/account.

This is how you create a Segment in order to drill down to your site data:

goto AUDIENCE > Overview

+Add Segment ->


















Click on Advanced > Sequences










STEP 1 >Behavior>Landing Page









Landing Page contains /yoursitepathhere/ e.g. /enrollment/ or /disability/ or /ollie/ etc.










Name and Save your Segment. It should work in all 3 of the Report areas. Make sure you adjust the Date Range to where you want it.

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