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Team Building Challenges

Custom-built programs just for you.

Each challenge is set up to help the team achieve a higher level of awareness. To learn the essential elements of high performance. To increase the level of trust and build a sense of cohesion among team members. To improve communication, problems solving, and other team leadership skills.

Your program is custom-built to suit your individual needs. It is led by our diverse team of highly skilled facilitators, who are experienced in team building, adventure programming and organizational development.

Team Building can be a full-day, half-day, or multi-day event. A sample agenda is available.

Whale Watch

Objective: The group must mount a large 6′ wide by 16′ long “See-Saw” that is 14 inches above the ground without having it become unbalanced and touch the ground on either end. Once the group is on the platform, they are further challenged to switch sides, go to the far edge, walk around the perimeter and dismount with few or no touches to the ground.

Trust Fall

Objective: Standing on an elevated platform 36 inches tall, a team member falls into the arms of the group. Each member takes a turn trusting and falling into the arms of his/her colleagues.

The Spider’s Web

Objective: The group must make their way through an oversized spider’s web. Once a group member has gone through an opening, it is closed to others. The challenge to the group is to have all members, regardless of size or weight, fit through some part of the web. Carefully planning and skillful implementation are key for this activity. If someone causes the bell to ring on the web, all group members must return and start again.

The Wall

Objective: The group must make their way up and over a 14-foot tall wall. Each member can help push one colleague up or pull one colleague over the wall and then must retire and let others push or pull. Modeled on an ancient Chinese military exercise, the Wall is a daunting challenge for most groups. For many groups, this is the capstone experience of the day.

Group Juggle

Objective: Understand the way that challenge and ability combine to impact performance while maintaining an open environment. The group should be able to positively work in the ‘productivity zone’ and identify barriers to working in the ‘productivity zone’. This tackles innovation and planning goals.

Helium Stick

Objective: Look at things in a departmental way versus global vision. Utilizing trial and error overcome difficult processes.

Noodle Jousting

Objective: Overcome anger management and conflict resolution. Simple tasks are not what they appear.


Objective: To promote relationship building and connections across the team and to understand the importance of thinking about the ‘big picture’. To understand the importance of creating a healthy environment for brainstorming and best practice sharing while collaborating, not competing.

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