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Exploring Majors and Interest Clusters

“Why Am I Here?”

  • The first question you should ask yourself at college is, “Why Am I Here?” Purpose matters. Deliberately selecting a program of study
    –Increases likelihood of completion
    –Shortens time to completion
    –Reduces unnecessary credits

“Don’t Have a Major? Want to Switch? No Problem.”

  • Many students enter URI undeclared and still more students change majors from the one they started in. Our goal is to support you in making an informed choice about your educational and career pathway. National data makes clear that many students do not end up in the field they desired prior to graduation, as the following two graphs show.
  • Still more students would change the field they did end up getting a major in. According to a nationally representative study of 4900 recent college graduates, when asked“If you had to do it over again, would you pick a different major?”35% of the sample said yes
  • Given this national data, our mission is to help you find a major that is a good fit for your interests. Explore these tools on Finding a Best-Fit Major

“Found New Direction? Next Steps…”

  • We strongly recommend that, through working with an academic advisor, all students declare a major within one calendar year from the time they start classes at URI. If you are ready to declare, make an advising appointment with an advisor in that intended major.
  • If you have identified an interest cluster that you believe to be a good fit, make an appointment with an advisor from the relevant interest cluster.

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